Hippie weirdo.

A strange occurrence happened in Kansas, we had a spring! It was a tiny one, granted, but I’m still counting it and yet that didn’t stop the blasted, hateful, annoying, and worst hair stylist trademark of my state… The wind.   Even though a mighty wind was a blowin’, I took any opportunity to go out and walk around a park or find a new one! Literally, I found one, that I’m pretty sure your not to go to.. Ah well, have to find some kind of adventure in Wichita.

On one such walk, I went to a park/disc golf course that is very close to my house. If your not a local, mind your head.. If you are a local,  make sure to know who threw their disc in the most whimsical way possible.  After one hit me square on the head, that seemingly came from the sky, I yelled: “OUCH!” Soon followed by, (thanks to Jeff Goldblum in Life Aquatic): “I’m so pissed, I want to spit.”  All the things I wanted to say soon vanished, when out comes a little boy from behind a tree saying sorry over and over. I couldn’t stay mad, but my head was angry the rest of my walk.  Continuing my little walk through the little path, I took pictures here and there.  While taking a picture of some leafs, a group of high school boys were walking up towards me.  Basically I knew what was going to happen next…

Boy: “Hey you hippie weirdo. What do you think your doing?”

His friends laugh.

I just thought, much like my quote from Life Aquatic, he just took something Louis C.K once said in a joke. So.. Not original.

Me: “Um.. It’s kind of obvious, isn’t it. I have a camera in my hand and I’m taking a picture…How does that exactly make me a ‘hippie weirdo’?”
Boy: “Yeah, well your taking a picture of some dumb leafs.”
Me: “Good come back , man.”

He and his friends laugh, high five and then walk away. It’s adorable.

Here are some of my hippie weirdo photos I took. Hope you enjoy.

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A room with a view… Sort of.

The continuing saga in my photography challenge brings me to day two.  With it being the winter season, the trees are very naked, and though I love naked trees I am wanting to see some color back into the trees.

The view from my window isn’t the best, I think it would be better if the house across the street wasn’t a gross green that reminds me of the throw up scene in The Exorcist.  But I cannot complain, I live close to downtown Wichita in Riverside. A great community full of older houses that may just collapse rather then a tornado destroying them. The people who live in Riverside are a wide variety of hippies, hipsters, old, young, liberals, conservatives, straight, gay, believers, atheists, bigfoot, aliens and whom ever else.  We all get along no matter who we are and we’d rather help each other out then ignore, because of what we represent. It’s a quiet neighborhood and that’s manly to do with either weed or we just don’t have time for that. I love it, and it’s just right.  Happy to be in this community!  I like my neighbors.


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Title: View from your Window
Date: 2.2.14
Camera: Rebel T3