Hamer Family 

Since moving into the KCMO area, my exploration of it has been limited, but not to unlimited. Walking through the mass city of KC, can be a little overwhelming… And, I secretly hoped I would be able to capture a family in the urban jungle. I didn’t have to wait or look for long.. Enter the Hamer family! 

I really like this family. I love their charm, hurmor and generosity.  It’s kind of amazing how we all met, one of those through another friend type deal. But I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

The Saturday morning was perfect, Oddly Correct served up delicious coffee and nothing could go wrong… Except for the small tiny issue of a dead battery and no backup. Thankfully, this small setback was resolved with the help of using their camera. It was way embarrassing, but it didn’t ruin a thing!

Now, let me show you pictures of Matt, Megan, Wren & Moses! With special guest Kathy!

Cassie Michelle Photography 
Taken: August 19th 2017 | Westport KCMO

Camera: Canon EOS (courtesy of the Hamer’s) 


The Botinelly’s + baby boy

Ten months ago, I moved to Missouri and with it, moving away from friends that I’ve grown to love. So, it was exciting for me to be asked to take pictures of a wonderful couple. And, first session of 2017! Back in June, I got up before the sun, grabbed some coffee and drove the three hours back to Kansas, I’d do it for anyone, but this was extra special!

Getting to capture Brendan & Karyssa was lovely, added of course by the baby bump that they prayed and hoped for. Since taking these photos, that little bundle has been born and he’s pretty cute!

Conner, you have amazing parents and your life is richly blessed! I have no doubt you’ll conquer many things!

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Cassie Michelle Photography
Taken: June 10th 2017 | Wichita, KS 
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5

David and Tia and everything wonderful.

I’m always honored when someone asks me to take pictures for them, I’m even more honored when asked to do their wedding… Even if I have a slight panic attack.
Taking pictures of weddings always makes me go into panic mode, simply because I have one shot at it, no do overs.  Every wedding I have done, which hasn’t been many, was a bag full of stress.  Except this one.  Maybe it’s because I’ve known Tia for awhile, or I’ve taken pictures of her kids over the years, or maybe just maybe it was laid back because that’s what it was.

I knew I could do it alone, but having a friend help out is better.  So, Camissa came along with me and my three camera bags to Paola, KS.  Once settled, we scoped out the town, the venue and went to eat dinner for $11… for two! Small towns, if nothing else, offer cheap food.
The morning of the wedding came early, with coffee.  Once we made it to the venue, looked it all over and made introductions, we got to work.  Throughout the entire wedding I kept thinking how right this was.  I was happy to see Tia smile brightly, David looking upon her with complete adoration, Sydni and Joe gaining a new family and close friends and family in happy tears.  It was simple, stunning and wonderful.






























































































































Taken on 4.24.2016
Canon EOS Rebel T5 SLR/Canon EOS
Paola, KS
Photographer: Cassie Stephens
Assistant/General all around funny person: Camissa Dater


Hippie weirdo.

A strange occurrence happened in Kansas, we had a spring! It was a tiny one, granted, but I’m still counting it and yet that didn’t stop the blasted, hateful, annoying, and worst hair stylist trademark of my state… The wind.   Even though a mighty wind was a blowin’, I took any opportunity to go out and walk around a park or find a new one! Literally, I found one, that I’m pretty sure your not to go to.. Ah well, have to find some kind of adventure in Wichita.

On one such walk, I went to a park/disc golf course that is very close to my house. If your not a local, mind your head.. If you are a local,  make sure to know who threw their disc in the most whimsical way possible.  After one hit me square on the head, that seemingly came from the sky, I yelled: “OUCH!” Soon followed by, (thanks to Jeff Goldblum in Life Aquatic): “I’m so pissed, I want to spit.”  All the things I wanted to say soon vanished, when out comes a little boy from behind a tree saying sorry over and over. I couldn’t stay mad, but my head was angry the rest of my walk.  Continuing my little walk through the little path, I took pictures here and there.  While taking a picture of some leafs, a group of high school boys were walking up towards me.  Basically I knew what was going to happen next…

Boy: “Hey you hippie weirdo. What do you think your doing?”

His friends laugh.

I just thought, much like my quote from Life Aquatic, he just took something Louis C.K once said in a joke. So.. Not original.

Me: “Um.. It’s kind of obvious, isn’t it. I have a camera in my hand and I’m taking a picture…How does that exactly make me a ‘hippie weirdo’?”
Boy: “Yeah, well your taking a picture of some dumb leafs.”
Me: “Good come back , man.”

He and his friends laugh, high five and then walk away. It’s adorable.

Here are some of my hippie weirdo photos I took. Hope you enjoy.

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A short story.

By. Cassie Stephens

Downtown is the heart of any city, busy and full of life. As a photographer it’s where you end up. There, you’ll always get that one picture that captures this small Midwestern town. Like I mentioned it’s where you end up and as do I almost everyday. I walk the same sidewalk on the right side. Everyday right in front of that old thrift store sits a man on a bench, just staring out towards the street like he’s waiting on something. After seeing this day after day I finally got the courage to go over to him. What I didn’t expect was for him to tell me his life story.

“Sir? Excuse me sir, may I sit here?”
After a long pause he finally talked never looking in my direction. “Why are you asking me? It’s the city’s.”
“You have a point, but I just wanted to ask if that’s alright with you.”
Smiling he said, “It’s alright.” Looking in the same direction like he always does he continued, “I’ve seen you out here before, but you usually have a camera. What happened? All out of ideas or do you have something else in store?”

I sat there in silence looking at him while he still continued to look in the other direction, nothing changed for him I thought. No matter who talks to him or what distracts him, he will never stop staring in the direction of the street.

“Well sir….”
“Thomas, my name is Thomas. You can stop with this sir business.”
“Okay… Thomas I always see you sitting here and wondered why.”
Chuckling a little bit he smiled from the side of his face. “Waiting.”

“May I ask on what?”
Finally turning to look at me he gave me this look like I should have known already. Looking into his eyes for the first time scared me. They were haunting and dark. What seemed like hours of just us staring at one another, he turned back around muttering, “My ride.”
Confused by his answer I pressed on, “Your ride? So you’re waiting for your ride…From whom?”
“What is your name?” he asked, ignoring my question completely.
“Well Julie, you may know this but I’m homeless. I have nothing to hope for, gave that up years ago. What hope I have left resigns in a ride that I have been waiting for…”
He paused for a minute and I stayed quiet giving him time to collect his thoughts.
“Nearly twenty years now. Sitting and waiting, growing old, rain or shine…”
He kept talking but I didn’t understand him, he mumbled and talked quietly after that. But it didn’t add up. How can one wait on something for twenty years? He didn’t look that old.
“I’m seventy by the way.” And it appears he can also read minds.
“Why have you waited for so long? I mean whoever you’re waiting for isn’t coming back.”
“Yes they will!” Getting upset he continued. “A promise is a promise. She said she would come back!”
“So you’re waiting on a she? Well one mystery solved.” Ignoring my last comment he asked for the time, I told him it was seven o’ clock. He got up and stared to walk off.
Getting up too I asked, “Where are you going?”
“Home” was all he said and continued to walk off.

The next day I went back to the bench to finish my conversation with Thomas. The bench was empty. I did this for a week and the result was the same. Going back the next day I hoped he would be there. Turning the corner on the sidewalk I looked up and like he’d never left sat Thomas. Growing with excitement I walked towards him and without saying a word to him I sat down next to him.

“What, not asking now?”
“It’s the city’s.”
Smirking he said, “Right you are.” We didn’t talk for a while, a part of me wanted to ask where he was but I also had the feeling he knew I was going to ask it. Still I wanted to know.
“So… Where were you last week?”
“The she I was referring to last week is my wife, Ellie is her name. We met at a barn dance in Arkansas. I fell in love with her that night, one beautiful lady.”
“That’s sweet Thomas, and do you have a habit of ignoring my questions? Or is that just me?”
“Just you Julie, I never ignore just some things are better left unsaid.” Glancing at me for a moment he turned around again looking the opposite way. I just sat there in silence remembering his eyes again, they no longer scared me.

“We married the next month, yes we were in a hurry but in love. Also very young…Sixteen. All a blur now, but we had five kids, three boys two girls. Beautiful children. All got her good looks.” Saying with a proud smile across his face he continued. “We lived in Benton Arkansas forever, perfect spot for fishing. I love fishing, do you?”
Not letting me answer he kept talking like I wasn’t even there. “That’s how he died, my oldest son Thomas Jr. he fell in the lake, such a wonderful boy…But horrible swimmer. Never got around to teach him, I went in after him but it was to late. He was ten. That left Ellie depressed for a while, so we moved away to here. And here is where we stayed.” Thinking that would be all he sucked in a breath and went on, never once looking at me. “Ellie got better over time and we were happy, good jobs and good kids. Never once did they get in trouble. Ellie found God a little later… Have you found God?”
I was so transfixed on his story looking out into the street I didn’t know he even asked me a question. Shaken from my stare I looked over at him and he was staring at me and started to ask again. Before he could finish his question again I answered.
“Yes I have.”

Still looking at me he smiled and his eyes changed. They no longer were dark but sad. “Good. Good for you, I’m still looking for Him, but I think I’m close. I wish I could find Him right now and ask one question. Why did you let my little girl die?” Still looking at me I noticed after he said that a single tear rolled down his cheek. Wiping his face he turned his face away from me and I wanted to tell him not to blame God, but he started talking again. “Ellie never got depressed or mad. She never questioned God like I did, she knew Mary was going to be okay and pain free. Mary my youngest got sick one year with some fever, never got better just dying everyday.” At this more tears were going down his face. Wiping them away with his dirty hands he sucked in another breath. “Hell, maybe she is better off.”

The rest of that afternoon I heard his life story. How his other kids grew up, went to college, got married and how he himself is a proud grandfather. But one thing still puzzled me. What happened to his wife? Throughout his entire story he never mentioned how or what happened to her, I even tried to ask him once in a while. Yet all he said was she was coming for him, which then led to other questions in my head. Did she leave him? How did he become homeless? Is he crazy? But the answers to my questions would have to wait. It was getting late, I got up to leave and turned to Thomas.
“Well thank you for a lovely day of story telling, maybe I can hear more later?” Waiting for a response from him lead to minutes felt like hours at times. Never turning towards me just kept on staring out into that same direction, he never said anything to me. Growing impatient I finally spoke.
“Okay then, have a good night see you later.”

As I turned to walk towards my car I could have sworn I heard him mumble something, but I’ll never know what. Life for me got pretty busy after that day. New job and new responsibilities kept me from going back to the corner bench, to see Thomas. A month later I went back to his spot to see if he was there, he wasn’t. Walking over I sat down and just stared in the same direction he always did when I met him. I sat there silent and looking on as the time passed, I don’t know how long I sat there till I heard someone from behind me asked if they could sit down.
“It’s the city’s, why are you asking me?” I replied dryly without looking at the person.
“My husband said the same thing.”
“What?!?” Turning to look at the person sat a very beautiful woman. She looked content with life, aging very well and her eyes spoke for her at times.
“Your husband?” I finally said after staring at her.
“Yes dear, my husband. You act as if that is impossible.” She said smirking.
“Well actually I do because I met a guy…”
“Thomas?” Asking me but she knew the answer already, so she continued.
“Thomas, a great man. Died too young though, been twenty years now.”
Shocked by her statement I didn’t believe it, I just saw him last month! Asking her nicely if we were talking about the same man, she simply replied with a yes. Getting upset I went on.

“Ma’am I mean absolutely no disrespect to you, but last month I saw him, there is no way he is dead! In fact he has been waiting for you! How come you never came back? Where did you go anyway? Assuming you are in fact the real wife of Thomas!” Stopping finally to catch my breath, I looked over at the woman. She sat there staring at me and started to smile. Giving me a wink she began to talk.

“Thomas my husband was a brilliant man, he would be 70. He would do anything for anybody, pleasant and caring also very stubborn. But when our first child died, something inside him died that day too. Years later when our youngest died, he went with her. I knew a better plan was going to happen to me and the rest of our children. I’m Ellie by the way…”
“So wait…You’re really Ellie? The same Ellie Thomas was telling me about just last month. So you’re lying to me because how could he have possibly told me if he was dead.”

Anger was growing inside my body to the point of me starting to shake, how could this lady just come up to me and tell me some lie. Not wanting to hear anymore I started to get up to leave, but she reached out and lightly grabbed my hand. Looking down, her eyes calmed me, I then felt something I haven’t felt in years, peace and trust.

“My dear you didn’t let me finish, may I finish my story so you will better understand?”
Sitting back down I nodded my head. Still holding onto my hand she continued looking at me.
“Our story continues, everything he told you is what he knows. You see he did die, actually we all died a week after our youngest died, car accident. But he was so stubborn and my children and I knew God, so now he thinks we are coming to get him. When in fact we are waiting for him.” Signing she looked away from me for a moment.

I was confused, I’m sure my faced showed it. No longer able to stay silent I asked the one question anyone else would have asked.
“So does this mean I’ve been talking to a ghost and now another?
Smirking she turned her head to look at me again.
“Sweetheart you’re talking to me because you’re stubborn too. You’re like Thomas..”
“I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’m not following you. How can I be like Thomas?”
“You didn’t let me finish again. You have a thing for that. My dear, you are dead too.”

Letting go of her hand I stood up quickly. I wasn’t scared just shocked, looking down at Ellie she gave me a comforting smile. She stood to looking in the distance, and began to speak.
“So tell me, who are you waiting for?”


Our moon.

Saturday night, was spent with my friend viewing The Grand Budapest Hotel and eating at Old Chicago. When I got home, I went out and sat on my roof; this has become a very hippie thing for me to do as of late.  Life is weird at times for me, one minute I’m content, the next I’m ready for a change.  I’ve been thinking of possibilities for my future, sadly they just give me a headache.   In the midst of my over thinking, I looked up and saw the moon shining bright.  Taking advantage of it, I hopped back inside, grabbed my camera and begun the longest two hours I’ve ever spent behind a camera.  I tinkered,  kept my patience and finally got a shot of the moon that I’m happy about!

new 041


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My hometown.

Last week, I went to take some photos of my hometown’s skyline for a friend. That just led to more photo taking of things I’ve taken many times before. Though I’ve taken the same shots before, It’s kinda cool to see the changes in how I take them now.












I’m not big on taking pictures of animals.. But I didn’t see this goose, it scared me.