Because Bill.

Living with someone can be a challenge at times; married, roommates or civil union; regardless of your living situation, sometimes a challenge can occur. I for one cannot complain. When Liz moved in with me three years ago, I did not know her at all, it was like a blind date… Well, that “blind date” (because making this even more awkward is a must) turned out very well!  I’ve come to call her friend, we’ve traveled to Scotland, we laugh at dumb things, have some serious conversations, I got her to watch LOST, she got me into Doctor Who (thanks for that), I call her Liz Lemon sometimes.. Regardless if she likes it or not, for her birthday last year I put Nick Cage faces everywhere and last Christmas she retaliated with this..


If you ever need an alarmingly way to wake up, may I suggest putting Mr. Bean in your shower.

However, one thing stands between us.. It’s not super duper major, but it is alarming.  While watching one of my favorite movies; ‘What About Bob’, Liz quietly watched it with me and then outspokenly said, “I don’t like Bill Murray.. Eck.”

How can one NOT like Bill? I mean… It’s Bill!

She has explained her reasons why she doesn’t like Bill, I have refused to hear her words.  So, what I’m proposing to hopefully some day happen is a meeting between the two.  I keep reading stories of Bill popping up at random places like a bachelor party, going to an ice cream social, sing karaoke and play kick ball .  Bill is everywhere!  I have nothing amazing to persuade Bill into coming to the big city of Wichita, KS.. Maybe some tacos and pie will get him here.  I don’t know.. Regardless, I think it would be humorous if Liz had dinner with Bill Murray, share some conversation, life lessons learned and see the charm that’s Bill.

Also, she doesn’t like the movie What About Bob.  Guess who’s going to get 10 copies of that DVD….  This has become my new mission in life, mainly because Liz will hate it and I’ll get a laugh.  If somehow this makes it across the interweb, I’d like to hope that somehow Bill will see this and come to Wichita.  But if that never happens, which I’m absolutely sure it won’t, Liz gets the pleasure of parking behind my Jeep from time to time… When she does, she gets to see Bill…


So I have that at least.

So, dearest Bill… Please come to Wichita! Please come to the land of ICT! We promise to make it somewhat less boring. My friend would love it, well maybe not, I’d love it though! Drinks on me! Free drinks Bill, think about it!
Sincerely, Cassie. The Bill fan!

If this does anything, my next mission is Benedict Cumberbatch.. That is, me meeting him.

Sometimes, laughter is key.

I’m, after today caught up to the correct day for this photo challenge.  Excite! For day twelve I felt like Peter Pan trying to get his shadow.  I  tried so hard to get the coolest shadow picture, and every time.. Fail.  Look, don’t judge me when I say that in trying to get the coolest shot, I sadly failed to realize that when one zooms in on the actual shadow.. You don’t get the shadow, rather you get a picture of the ground only it’s darker… In the end, after realizing my own failed attempts,  I did capture a couple.



Title: A Shadow
Date taken: 2.12.14
Camera: Canon Rebel T3

Many things in life make me laugh… Friends, conversations, Bill Murray, people watching, customers at my job, comedians, Amy Poehler, Wes Anderson & Christopher Guest movies, British humor, and just all around immature humor and the conversations I’ve been apart of. I like laughter, It makes me happy, as it should and I like to make others laugh.  Obliviously, some things make me laugh a little bit hard then others, I’ll tell you why.


If you have not read or heard of this book, you are missing OUT! I read this way to much, and I laugh just as hard when I do.  It’s the little things in life…


Monty Python is so much more then Holy Grail, I still think Holy Grail is funny, but the show they had and the other two movies are hilarious! I love those guys! Plus ‘Flying Circus’ introduced me to British humor.. I haven’t been the same since.


And last but not least, Lucille Ball.  She is without a doubt a hero of mine, I know it may be weird to have her as a hero, but her comedy was so good.  I was raised on ‘I Love Lucy’, and even though the show was made in the 50’s, the jokes she’d say and the comedy still make me laugh hard.  My grandma gave me this postcard of her, and so I placed it on my dresser mirror to keep a simple reminder to laugh everyday, even through the pain.

Title: Makes you Laugh
Date: 2.13.14
Camera: Canon Rebel T3