I’m not a vampire.

In my previous post, I said that yesterday was the last day of my February photo challenge, simply because this year is not a leap year.  However, I went ahead with the 29th day because I couldn’t leave the 29th behind or maybe of my OCD or maybe because I like to look at myself in the mirror.  At least this is proof that I’m not a vampire.

I read this quote a year ago and I never thought about our reflection in this way. It didn’t make sense to me at first, but after thinking on it, it’s starting to make sense.  Just another amazing thing about our body and how it works!

When you stand in front of a looking-glass (an ordinary glass or metal mirror), you project an image of your body into the mirror; the mirror reflects the image back. Projection is self-alienation: the image in the mirror isn’t you. People look into mirrors and say: “That’s my face!”, but they’re wrong. It isn’t your face at all, it’s just an image of your face. Scratch the mirror and you don’t feel a thing. The image is alien; it’s not you. But you can recognize yourself in that alien image. This is like taking possession of it. It’s like the mirror stole your face, and now you have to steal it back. You claim the image of your face as your own, even though you still know it isn’t really you. In recognizing your own face, you haven’t compared the true appearance of your face to what appears in the mirror, since you don’t know what your face really looks like. Self-recognition isn’t based on any comparison. In order to make the comparison to gain self-knowledge, you’d have to already have self-knowledge. It’s almost as if you reach into the mirror and grab the mirror image: you have to take it, to appropriate it. You need to make an argument, based on philosophical analysis, that the image in the mirror really resembles your face. Self-recognition is something you have to earn by hard logical work. In self-recognition, you overcome the otherness of the mirror-image. You take back what is yours, which the mirror stole from you. What’s necessary is that there is a difference (projection and self-alienation; the mirror takes your image) and that you overcome this difference (reflection and self-recognition; you take your image back)

-Professor Eric Steinhart

So, once again here is my face. I started this challenge with a selfie, I’m ending it with one… Or five.






Title: You in a Mirror
Date: 3.1.14
Camera: Canon Rebel T3


St. Love Day.

Today is Valentines day, so of course today’s challenge is all about that, how original. I spent this day of love with a bunch of customers, who would have rather spent it shopping for shoes than go out into the beautiful weather. Once home I watched some girly films, ate Chipotle, and hung out with some amazing guys… Ben and Jerry.

So with all that said, I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  Decided to draw some hearts.. To also remind everyone, that to draw a heart, you must draw the Anatomical heart.


Title: A Heart
Date: 2.14.14
Camera: Canon Rebel T3


“You’re still single?”

As a twenty-nine year old single, you get asked questions.. a lot of pointless questions. “Why are you single?” “You’re still single? What is wrong with you?” “Online dating may be the way to go!” For the most part, I answer them with a shrug of the shoulders or my favorite line ‘I don’t know’, in all honesty I don’t know, I don’t know why I’m still single or ever dated.. Well unless I count that week in fifth grade when I dated Rex Murphy, he even gave me his fake gold chain necklace.. Yeah, fake gold necklace ladies.  However, with the online question I can answer that.  They were all creepiers for some reason… Thanks eHarmony! My 25 characteristics bring all the creepiers to the yard!

Maybe I’m still single because I seriously don’t know how to act normal around a guy that I find attractive, flirting and me just do NOT mix! I’m like an ill informed robot when it comes to seeing the signs and flirting.. To some me up I’m this:


That is 100% junior high all over again me! Of course people always tell me to get out there and meet people, that is how to get a boyfriend.  I’m not doubting that at all, but where do I go? The clubs? Yeah, I’m sure I’ll find a nice guy who wants a relationship that will eventually lead to marriage.  I’m sure they exist at clubs, all the good ones are. Right? Also I’d like to inform the public that I dance horribly… So, if I’m at da club nobody would want my dance moves near them!


Maybe another reason, as I’ve been told, is that I’m to picky.  Look, that may be the case, but I have my reasons. When the guys who actually flirt with me look like and act like Mr. Collins from Pride and Prejudice, I turn into Elizabeth Bennet and quote in my head;  

“I am perfectly serious in my refusal.  You could not make me happy, and I am convinced that I am the last woman in the world who could make you so.”  

If I’m to picky, then so be it, Lizzie was to and look how that turned out… Yes, I do know that is fiction.  Perfect example, last week I had to go make a key so like any other human, I went into True Value and did just that.  After waiting for a minute for the key maker to get to his station, he finally arrived and asked what I needed… I thought that was already made clear, when someone over the walkie told him and as I was also standing in front of the key making area.  But, I answered him anyway thinking maybe he to suffered from flirting problems.  I knew what I wanted, just a plain key,  nothing special with a sports team, flowers or as I was pointed out to me a banjo key.  But, he kept asking me questions on what type of key I wanted and then the questions turned odd…

“Do you have a favorite sports team?”
“Do you like music? We have banjo key styles, I like those.”
“Do you have a favorite flower?”
“We have american flag keys, you like America right?”
“What is your favorite movie?”
“Did you knit your hat or buy it? I only ask, because I know a guy whose girlfriend knits hats.  She actually lives near here. I can give you her address and we could go over and see what kind of hat you’d like her to knit ya.”

“Oh we have gun keys… It would be like your shooting your lock!”
“Staying warm out there? You look chilly.”

I answered him as best as I could, but when he looked and acted like Mr. Collins, it was a bit hard.  My answers were direct and to the point:

“Yep. WSU and KSU.”
“I do like music. I’m good with not having a banjo key.”
“Not really.”
“Cool.  Eh, it’s okay….. I’m kidding!” (He did not think that was funny.)
“You have a Forrest Gump key?”
“Bought it.  No, I’m good. Yes, I’m sure. Yes, really sure.”
“Pew Pew.” (I had to explain the pew pew noise.)
“Yes. What??”

The “Mr. Collins” type must be what I’m destiny. Looking forward to that.


In any case, I’m single and slightly okay with.. Not completely content, but okay.  I’m good being single for now and sometimes I think about wanting a boyfriend but I wouldn’t know want to do with him.  Maybe, as I sit here typing this while eating ice cream and watching the Doctor say goodbye to Rose for the millionth time, oh and crying of course, is another reason I’m single.  Or maybe, just maybe Benedict Cumberbatch has something to do with it…f2f6b24ad5a2e56af702a1f2cde6003c