You know how I be…

I’m Cassie Stephens a female human that lives in Wichita (ICT), KS.  I do some fun things and some odd things.  I like life just the way it is and love photography.  I do the best that I can, and always make sure that the people I’m around have a good time! Laughter truly is the best medicine and I’m not afraid of anything…. Except for spiders.

Books: I read a lot, so therefore I like a mixture of anything! Except Twilight and Shades of Grey.  Music: I like bands that are not heard on the radio often. Wilco is my favorite.  Movies: Horror not so much, but I like a select variety. Forrest Gump is number one and Star Wars right after. But not that Episode 1-3 stuff.  TV: Don’t watch much TV, but I keep up with some shows.  Manly, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Parks & Rec,  and New Girl. Plus from time to time I’ll check in on my childhood obsession, Star Trek.

When I can, I like to travel! I lived and helped out in an orphanage for a month in Mexico, that was a great experience. I recently got back from Scotland! Only spent a short amount of time, but well worth it! I like disc golf and riding my bike, it’s fun for me.

I’m so gangster.



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