Hamer Family 

Since moving into the KCMO area, my exploration of it has been limited, but not to unlimited. Walking through the mass city of KC, can be a little overwhelming… And, I secretly hoped I would be able to capture a family in the urban jungle. I didn’t have to wait or look for long.. Enter the Hamer family! 

I really like this family. I love their charm, hurmor and generosity.  It’s kind of amazing how we all met, one of those through another friend type deal. But I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

The Saturday morning was perfect, Oddly Correct served up delicious coffee and nothing could go wrong… Except for the small tiny issue of a dead battery and no backup. Thankfully, this small setback was resolved with the help of using their camera. It was way embarrassing, but it didn’t ruin a thing!

Now, let me show you pictures of Matt, Megan, Wren & Moses! With special guest Kathy!

Cassie Michelle Photography 
Taken: August 19th 2017 | Westport KCMO

Camera: Canon EOS (courtesy of the Hamer’s) 


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