Tragic Prelude


“Oh my god. Racist!”

For the past several days I’ve chosen to remain slight.  I’ve read all the Facebook posts, news stories and lord… all the comments. I really need to remember to never read the comments.  After reading all the things, it basically comes down to an argument between white rednecks and white people.  I know that is harsh to say, but I was called a racist today, over the most stupidest thing, so forgive me if I finally express my thoughts.

Taking down the Confederate flag from government buildings, I can get on board with. I get it, what it represents is horrible.  Oh, the argument that it was the battle flag and not the state’s flag… Here’s a thought, does it matter? The flag flew while they fought, meaning they fought for their state rights and people their in. They fought to keep the people as their slaves and other stuff that I could go into, but no one wants another history lesson. Basically battle flag, smadattle flag. It’s all the same.
Going back to the horrible part, please remember another thing. Our history, how we became America is horrible, dirty and kinda shady.  It’s not just America, history in any country is gross. But it’s history. Now, do we need to wave a flag over a state capital that holds no relevance today? Absolutely not! But, do we get rid of them completely? Eh… Maybe keep one or two for a museum or something, but regardless for what it stood for, it’s history. You can’t erase history.

Removing a flag is just one small tiny step, hatred still exists, KKK are still under the impression they’re the supreme race… Along with the skin heads, Nazi and white supremacist. They will not stop, they will pass it on and they are the bigger problem.  You see, a flag is not a person’s identity.  My identity isn’t the American flag, my identity is me alone and since I love Jesus, my identity is in Christ.  Any kind of decision, choice or change are ones that I made.  The way I was raised and brought up is how I am today.  Sure, I’ve made little tweaks here and there, I love my family dearly, but I think differently and have different views.  That’s okay! Being the same as your family would be to.. same. I’m a firm believer that how a person is raised is how they’ll end up, unless they themselves change.  If hate for another race is in the family tree, it’ll continue, regardless of a flag.

One last thing, removing a flag from retailers is all fine and grand.  But be careful how you word it.  Removing a flag from, oh lets say Wal-Mart, and the reason is because of what it represents and slavery. If I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure a slave made that flag and any clothes sold within the store.  I’m not saying we should all become nudist, because any clothes that are made, could in fact be made by a child slave.  I’m saying look at the bigger picture! Who are the voices for the slaves still existing today?!? Sure it’s easier to complain about a damn piece of fabric, but it bothers me our focus is on 154 years ago and not present time.  Slavery is still existing and it hurts that we continue to ignore this issue. But, we also ignore mental health issues in America as well.  Human trafficking is a BIG passion of mine, I want it to end, I know not everyone has that shared passion and some could careless… I know people know that slavery is still alive and well, It’s just crazy to me that it’s not being talked about.
I know I may come off as some crazy and I know I didn’t make sense. But I rarely speak up about anything, unless it’s about Star Wars or Star Trek. But the focus we put on things kills me. I wanted to see more of the march that took place in Charleston, I wanted to see more of the pure love that came out of that city in the midst of such a horrible crime and yet all I keep seeing is hate.  Hateful words after another on which person is right about a flag. I’m not sorry southerners, you lost 154 years ago, let it go!  Kansans that say Kansas was a Confederate state… What?.. I mean… Have you ever read a history book?

Finally, to the whole point of this rant… A person I’ve never met decides to voice her opinion towards me. I’ll spare most of the conversation that took place, because I know I’ll get judged for expressing my thoughts on this matter. I don’t need anymore judgement for my lack of control my words had on the woman.

“Oh my god! Racist!”

It was 7am, I was focused on filling up my Jeep, and I didn’t hear her.. At first.

“Huh? Are you talking to me?”
“Um, Yeah bitch.”
“So, I’m a racist and a bitch.. Fantastic. Why am I those things?”
“The flag on your car!”
“What flag? My Wichita one?”
“No. This one right here!”

The minute I saw her point to it, I laughed in my head…

“This one right here? The one with NO stars or red in it! The one that doesn’t even REPRESENT America?!?”
“What is your problem?”
“You called me a racist and a bitch, you don’t know me at all, yet I have a problem? For you information that flag is for Scotland! Think before you speak!”
“It was an honest mistake.”
“Sure. Calling someone a racist is an honest mistake…”

I’m also pretty sure her name was Tiffany.. Tiffany’s are the worst. Except for maybe two, they are cool.