Hippie weirdo.

A strange occurrence happened in Kansas, we had a spring! It was a tiny one, granted, but I’m still counting it and yet that didn’t stop the blasted, hateful, annoying, and worst hair stylist trademark of my state… The wind.   Even though a mighty wind was a blowin’, I took any opportunity to go out and walk around a park or find a new one! Literally, I found one, that I’m pretty sure your not to go to.. Ah well, have to find some kind of adventure in Wichita.

On one such walk, I went to a park/disc golf course that is very close to my house. If your not a local, mind your head.. If you are a local,  make sure to know who threw their disc in the most whimsical way possible.  After one hit me square on the head, that seemingly came from the sky, I yelled: “OUCH!” Soon followed by, (thanks to Jeff Goldblum in Life Aquatic): “I’m so pissed, I want to spit.”  All the things I wanted to say soon vanished, when out comes a little boy from behind a tree saying sorry over and over. I couldn’t stay mad, but my head was angry the rest of my walk.  Continuing my little walk through the little path, I took pictures here and there.  While taking a picture of some leafs, a group of high school boys were walking up towards me.  Basically I knew what was going to happen next…

Boy: “Hey you hippie weirdo. What do you think your doing?”

His friends laugh.

I just thought, much like my quote from Life Aquatic, he just took something Louis C.K once said in a joke. So.. Not original.

Me: “Um.. It’s kind of obvious, isn’t it. I have a camera in my hand and I’m taking a picture…How does that exactly make me a ‘hippie weirdo’?”
Boy: “Yeah, well your taking a picture of some dumb leafs.”
Me: “Good come back , man.”

He and his friends laugh, high five and then walk away. It’s adorable.

Here are some of my hippie weirdo photos I took. Hope you enjoy.

new 047

new 054

new 082

new 105

new 110

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new 126

new 132

new 129

new 138 new 140

new 143

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