It’s Star Trek.. Not Track.

I once again landed myself in a situation in which I didn’t need to involve myself, but I felt compelled too.  At a local establishment, while a giant tiger face stares me down as I do research on my upcoming Scotland trip with Liz enters two teenage girls.  They are cool and so very modern hipster, once they start to talk is were I put in my headphones to block out the noise.  After a while I started to get parched again, so I took off my headphones as you normally do and went to get up, to only stop right in my tracks.  The cool girls were having a conversation about the movie they just saw and proclaiming how cool it was.  That said movie was Star Trek, now being a fellow Trekkie I had to hear more of this conversation, completely forgetting how thirsty I was.  This was how the conversation went… And how I came into it…

Girl 1: That movie was so good, what an original concept.  Seriously, it was like… Epic.
Girl 2: Oh my gawd! You’re so right! Such a baller film.
Girl 1: Oh and the guy who plays the captain… So hottt!!
Girl 2: YES! That bad guy.. Kuan or Cain or whatever.. He was weird looking, and I didn’t think his roll was all that great, they could have done better.  But I bet you Star Track will be around for a while! With hot actors it will stay around.

Me: Trek! It’s Star Trek.. Not track.

Girl 2: Excuse me? What did you say? I said it correctly. Who are you to interrupt our conversation??

She did have a point and made a perfect argument..  But, I couldn’t let the name of Star Trek go down like that.

Me: You didn’t say it correctly, their isn’t an a or c in Trek.. T-R-E-K.  Also, it’s not an original concept. Star Trek has been around since the 60’s, oh and it’s Khan… The villain was Khan.  That has also been made, it’s called The Wrath of Khan. You’re right by the way, Star Trek will be around for a while, but not because the actors are ‘hot’… It’s because the franchise has been around, nothing new except that the movies are new.  One more thing.. The villain was excellent because the actor is excellent.

Girl 2: Geez.. Calm down… (quietly saying under her breath), geek..

Me: Geek? Is that what you said? Thanks! At least I admit and take pride in it! But do me a favor.. Take off your fake thick black glasses for me. I know that ‘being a nerd’ these days is the cool thing, but I’ve been one my entire life and made fun of for it.  You calling me a geek does not offend me, but your hipster nerd look does…. Nice suspenders!

Girl 1: What about you?

Me: Glasses are real, need them. Plus I rocked red suspenders way before you were born.. (to prove a point I showed them me.. With said suspenders).

Girl 2: How do you know so much about Star Track?
Me: Watched it when I was a kid. Trek by the way.
Girl 2: And you got made fun of for watching it? But it’s sooooo cool!
Me: (after I laughed for a bit)… Yeah, but it wasn’t ‘the cool thing’ back in the day.  Plus when you carry a toy Phaser around with you everywhere you go, you get made fun of. Do me another favor.. Do you have Netflix?
Girl 2: Yes. Why?
Me: Watch The Original Series and The Next Generation… They are both Star Trek.
Girl 2: Yeah, I don’t think I will.. I’ll get judge.
Me: You’re the one dressed to ‘look’ like a nerd…
Girl 1: That’s different!
Girl 2: Yeah, totally different.
Me: Oh… Well, that doesn’t make sense.
Girl 1: You don’t make sense.
Me: I know.  I’m a geek and uncool.
Girl 1: Exactly.

I was so sad that I couldn’t convert them to Trekkie’s… But maybe, just maybe they will watch them.  Only I can hope for this future generation!



This also reminds me, that had another conversation a while back.  However, this one was one that I DIDN’T want to be apart of.  I was at another local establishment near my house, reading and drinking that sweet stuff called coffee when out of nowhere this man came up to my table and asked if he could sit in the vacant seat.  I looked at him and then looked to see all of the other vacant seats… Which was ALL OF THEM.  Before I could protest, he just sat down and remained quite and stared at me, I then lifted my book up to cover my face so I wouldn’t see his creepier face.  Not long after I did that, he then knocked on my book… Knocked. I slowly lowered my book and asked him what he wanted… He proceeded to ask me a series of questions….

Guy: Hey do you know about The Big Ditch? Did you know it’s in danger? Yeah, Obama wants to fill it in because he’s seen that it’s not really necessary… Not necessary?!? Do you know how necessary it is to Wichita, Park City and Valley Center!!?? I mean, c’mon! Our president is taking away a really important part of Kansas history! Do you get my meaning?!?

I blinked.. I’m sure I was making a weird face and I just wanted it to stop.

Me: Um, I know what The Big Ditch is and I’m sure the president isn’t going to fill it in or whatever.. I really don’t think he knows anything about it.. and I’m sur..
Guy: No! Wrong! He knows all about it and he’s been here and went to it and stood in it!
Me: He stood in it? Like in the middle, centrally located?
Guy: Look! We gotta save The Big Ditch from Obama! Here take my flyer! Save The Big Ditch! We gotta save it!
Me: Yeah, I heard you.  I just don’t think he knows about our ditch..
Guy: Just… Save The Big Ditch!

At this point he gets up and I get a real good look at this dude.. He was wearing some cowboy boots and a Jesus like robe… Cowboy Jesus. Here to save The Big Ditch.

Sometimes it’s best that I just stay home…