Photo Challenge Days 11-15: Blue Sunset 13 Eyes Silhouette

Well, I’m discovering that I’m not updating like I should and really it’s not because I’m busy or anything.. Hold on, that’s exactly why.  I know, I know.. It’s a lame excuse but it’s the truth, busy and tired.

Day 11 was Something Blue, I just decided to find anything and everything with blue on it.  For example one of my disc for disc golf is blue…


Another example is my flashlight that is Ten’s version of his Sonic Screwdriver…


The next two pictures of Something Blue and also the Sunset that you’re about to see happened one late afternoon. I just wanted to get out of Wichita for a little bit and just drove, however the back roads that I took lead me all the way to Hesston, KS without even knowing it.   That’s okay, I was able to see some country side, a REALLY old cemetery, and a small small town that I’ve never heard of. Maybe you have?!?


Anyway, while in this tiny town of Furley, KS I saw this grain elevator and couldn’t resist taking a picture of it. I don’t know what it is about grain elevator’s.. But I do love taking pictures of them!


I then also saw this old abandoned house, I LOVE old houses! I was going to go up and take more photos of it and go inside, but when their is a sign that says ‘Keep Out or Die’… Well, I figured I wanted to live a little bit longer…



Day 12 was a Sunset and since I was already out in the country side, I took advantage of the opportunity!  I’ve said this before and I stick to what I say, Kansas Sunsets are simply the best ever!! I’ve seen plenty of other sunsets when I travel the U.S and Kansas beats them all… especially Missouri.  I have nothing else to say, so I’m just going to let you look at them…





Day 13 ironically was Yourself with 13 Things… Don’t worry, I’ll explain why I chose these 13 things. Let us begin shall we?!?







Thing 1: My favorite book: Catcher in the Rye.
Thing 2: Current book I’m reading, American Assassin.
Thing 3: My Cat in the Hat… He’s been with me since I was tiny.
Thing 4: My favorite movie: Rushmore.
Thing 5: The camera that started in all.
Thing 6: Bullet from the Civil War, that I found.
Thing 7: My handy dandy Chapstick, that I always use and always loose.
Thing 8: My very first Bible, given to me when I was born.
Thing 9: C-3PO action figure, nuff said.
Thing 10: R2D2, my second favorite character from Star Wars… Han is the first.
Thing 11: Photo of Camissa and I. Happens to be my favorite, she’s really cool. Probably why she’s my friend.
Thing 12: Concert ticket of FINALLY seeing my favorite band, U2.
Thing 13: Concert ticket of the first time and certainly not the last of seeing Wilco.

Their you go.  The 13 things that are my favorite, hold dear, or apart of me.  I had some other things, but I chose to not go with them.

Day 14 was Eyes, I wanted to capture many eyes from all types of people… Yeah, that didn’t get done.  I mainly wanted to capture people I didn’t know, walk up to them and ask if I could take a picture of their eyes.  Well.. I went up to this lady and did just that, she flipped me off and walk away.  I guess people just don’t get the beauty of art anymore.  So, your going to have to settle with my eyes…. And my freckles that still exist!





Lastly Day 15 was a Silhouette.. Eh, not really my thing but I have to do for the photo challenge right?!?


Their you have ladies and gentleman, I cannot make any promises that I’ll update like I should. However, I’ll do my best to make sure that I do! I hope you have a good day and stay classy my friends.



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