Photo Challenge Days 7,8,9 & 10: Fruit, Bad, Love, Childhood

So…. I haven’t updated in four days, it wasn’t for lack of trying either.  I basically was busy, busy and busy.  I figured now was a good time to update while I watch The Walking Dead.  Day 7 was Fruit, the glorious pieces of fruit.  I LOVE all things fruit, so this was no challenge, except I got to focused on eating it then taking a picture of it.  However, I did capture a couple of shots.


Strawberry’s are my personal fave.


Day 8 brought A Bad Habit.  I happen to have a lot of bad habits, some in which I’ll share and one I will NOT share.  I almost didn’t want to tell the truth on my bad habits, for fear people would down on me.  But, I’m already looked down upon by my fellow brothers and sisters so I figured why not show my true self.  Here is a tiny list of a long list of bad habits:


I’m still destroying pens and pencils…



Moving on, had to take a break to get my hip and butt cheek back in order or in my case a continual work on because I’m falling apart.

Going back to the small list I had, the sarcastic and/or snarky attitude if you will comes into play with a certain part of my life.  The reason are these…

PicMonkey Collage

I understand that MANY people don’t like tattoos, I understand that people are entitled to their own thoughts and opinions, and I understand that one can voice their opinion on such matters.  The problem I have is when some of my own fellow believers speak their mind before thinking.  On two separate occasions I was told by people that I thought I knew, that I had a bad habit of not following God, simply because of my tattoos.  I was told that God must not be working in my life if I have tattoos OR God cannot love someone who has ink on their skin.  Who knows maybe they are right, maybe when I die and come face to face with God he’ll tell me thanks but no thanks and send me to hell.  So the wall of sarcastic is built around me, only because I’ve got other problems in my life, that I already feel unworthy of God that I’ve cried over and adding this is something I’d rather not right now. I know I shouldn’t be so rude, but it’s just hard when were told to not judge others.  If I go to hell simply because of my tattoos… Then I did good, considering the other sins I’ve committed and sometimes still commit are FAR worse then a few outward markings.  With comments like that over the years, I’ve thought about how some fellow believers act towards other people and we are awful when we want to be.. I’m guilty.

I’m trying to be better at not letting people get to me, and toning down the sarcastic nature in me but it’s hard when Christians are rude when they want to be.  I just need to be nice. However, sorry folks the tattoos are staying and more will probably come.  Sorry. I PERSONALLY like them and don’t see anything wrong with them.  If God does.. Then I will take that up with Him when I die. Course with the way my life is going, we’ll have a LOONNNGGGG conversation.

Day 9 was Someone You Love.  Before I say who I love, I want to make myself clear that I love my entire family. They each hold a special place in my heart, and I don’t love anyone one more then the other.. Well my mom and dad get more love then others.  These two people that I love were an amazing couple and I’m so blessed that I got to know them! Both cheeky, smart and clever.  Plus, they gave me a cow, my very own cow that was the coolest cow ever! The couple I’m talking about is my great grandparents, I have a lot of memories with them both and with them alone.  It’s when I was alone with either one, is the best memories I have.  With my g.grandma, it was waking up early to her already in the kitchen sipping on some coffee and eating an oatmeal cookie.  She would then get me some cereal and ask if I wanted coffee, I would crinkle my nose and giggle telling her that was a grown up drink, to which she replied: “It stunts your growth”.  Those mornings we would just talk about anything, I would ask if we were going to the pasture to see Pepe’ Le Pew (my cow). She would ask me about school and my friends.  With my g.grandpa, it was slightly different yet the same.  We would talk about anything and everything, he would ask me if I was married yet, and he would ask if I wanted coffee.  I said the same thing to him, but he replied with: “Eh, it’ll grow hair on your chest.”  One particular afternoon, we were seating at the table in silence until he reach over and lightly tapped me on my arm and held up the comics section.  He pointed to a cartoon strip and asked if I thought that was funny. I read it and it wasn’t, so I said just that. He gave me a little smirk and said: “good girl”.  It’s the little things..

Picture 296


Finally Day 10 brings a Childhood Memory, and I have many of those.  Running around bare foot, riding my bike everywhere, rollerblading, drinking an entire case of Surge and all this with my cool friends!  The first picture represents my time when I dressed like a cowgirl, because I was raised that way.  I LOVED these boots, and wore them all the time.. Had to, my mom dressed me.  These boots were on the pasture to feed my cow and they were also worn in the city.  Just a great pair of pink cowgirl boots.

Picture 306


I’ve had my collection of Barbie’s, Puffalump’s, and random Star Wars and Ninja Turtles action figures. The biggest thing I collected, watched and played was Star Trek.  I was obsessed with Next Generation and the Enterprise.  Basically I was a big nerd and now I’m a HUGE nerd… Or Geek.. Or whatever. Being a nerd/geek is cool now, back when I was little it was not and I got made fun of.  Didn’t stop me, we rule now! These two survived when all the rest of my childhood didn’t, I’m very glad they did.

Picture 307


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