Photo Challenge Day 6: From a Low Angle

This particular challenge was no challenge at all! I’m a BIG BIG fan of low angle shots.. You’ll soon realize this, I couldn’t help myself today.  Once again they were all taken downtown of ICT, now to be fair their are times that I wish our downtown was a little better.  However, it’s old and in some ways decaying but I like it.. Makes for some good shots with the ol’ camera.

The first picture is of the greyhound bus station… Just BUS.


Right across the street from Greyhound is an old decaying parking garage.. I love the simplicity that the city of Wichita did with these signs.


This next picture is still the parking garage.. It’s the corner of the building.


I traveled a little ways to Douglas to get the next two shots,right on the corner of Broadway and Douglas stands a statue. I took this same picture 11 years ago for photography class… The original is a B&W print, so I figured I’d do the same for this shot.


Lastly, this is another shot I did 12 years ago for the same class.  However, when I took the shot the first time this building was abandoned, It is now The Ambassador.   Amazing what things happen in 12 years.

Picture 264


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