Photo Challenge Day 4: Something Green

Doing today’s challenge almost didn’t happened and it wasn’t because it was hard or anything, I just didn’t feel good.. My head gives me pain more then what I’d like it too.  However, I bucked up and put on my big girl pants and went out to take these photos. Once I got home I then became a big baby and cocooned myself in my bed.

Today’s was easy, I have three different photos to share and funny enough a story to go along with one of them. The first photo is my light saber.. You read that right, my light saber! What?!? Every girl needs one…


I’d like to say that I don’t play with it from time to time.. But it SO fun!!  The second photo is something that I’ve seen and taken before.  I love it so much that I’m taking another photo of it, plus it’s green.  Don’t ask me what it means, if you do please let me know!!


Lastly comes the photo with a story, like all my stories it comes down to me meeting weird people and telling the tale.  This was taken downtown, resides on Commerce street and well known to the local artsy people who partake or go to Final Friday.  I must say that it’s also a rad antique store, full of old used stuff.. In heaven.  I took the photo because the sign was green, plus it’s a favorite spot of mine and also that of others. This brings me to a woman I met by the name of Cathy, how I know her name is simply due to that fact that she literally stuck her hand out and said, “Hello, my name is Cathy what’s yours?” I answered and she giggled at how close are names are.. I gave a small fake laugh (if you know me well enough, you know that sound), she then proceeded to ask what I was doing, I told her and that was that. Wrong.. So very wrong! Out of nowhere, she asked what time lords were.. *Side note: I have a sticker on my Jeep that says ‘Likes Time Lords’* Anyway, she asked and before I could answer her she then went on to tell me that the only Lord was the loving Jesus Christ and I needed to accept Him and take down my sticker because it showed my love for false gods.  Now it’s at this point that I could simply have told her it’s off of a show and that I like JC… But she was snarky with her come to Jesus talk with me and I took the other option.  I told her that Whovian has been around for years and I’m proud to call myself one. I’m now learning the native tongue of Gallifreyan and when I die I’ll take the TARDIS to forever travel the stars with my Time Lord.  After saying all that to her I added, “That Jesus fellow sounds lovely, to bad you were rude to me when describing Him. By the way.. Knock Knock.” Cathy: “What??” Me: “Knock, Knock.” Cathy: “Who’s There?” Me: “Doctor.” Cathy: “Doctor Who?” I smiled, got in my Jeep and left her.

Picture 244



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