Blizzard of Oz

If you live in Kansas, then you know about the snow. If you don’t live in Kansas, we got tons of snow… So much, that we’ve started calling it ‘Snowmageddon’.  Yes, that name drop happened and yes I sadly cannot make this stuff up.  

The snow wasn’t the issue for me, I like the cold, white lovable stuff.  I mean the days I was snowed in, I took the opportunity to sleep and watch Harry Potter.  The main issue I had was my Jeep,  now it is a wonderful piece of automobile in my opinion, but I have one teeny tiny issue.. Well two. One, it doesn’t have four wheel drive. Two, I have sweet high performance street tires like so….Image

Aren’t they righteous? Their so righteous, that they do what they want when it comes to snow.. Which means nothing.  They do nothing!  I’ve been frustrated throughout the duration of snow covered streets, however last night I kicked, scream, and popped a vein because I once again got stuck.  The worst part was that I was almost to my street before I got stuck. So close to home, yet far away!  After trying to get out several times, called my hero with the ‘man’ Jeep (my dad) and waited for his assistance.  While waiting, a neighbor came out and tried to help me, but to no avail. Since that did work, the cool part was we ended up talking about this and that and Doctor Who until my dad showed up.  I mean we talked an insane amount of Doctor Who, I was okay with that!

Like I mentioned before, it was either catch up on my sleep or Harry Potter and today was the Harry Potter day.. Currently I’m watching The Order of the Phoenix, I would be further along but I needed to get out and do some activities and not be completely lazy.   So, I shoveled snow off our steps, walk way and where Liz & I park. I also shoveled the snow away from my Jeep, so my dad could come retrieve it.  While in the process of doing all this shoveling, another neighbor of mine came over, helped a little and we made small talk.  Close to being done and way to focused, she asked me something that I didn’t quite catch. I had to ask her what she said, she repeated it and this time I understood everything. She asked if my girlfriend and I wanted to have dinner with her and her girlfriend sometime, because she was so happy to meet another gay couple in the neighborhood.  Speechless for a second, I replied nicely that I had no girlfriend rather a roommate and we both like guys even though we are lamely single.  My neighbor became very embarrassed and apologized over and over for the confusion. I giggled and told her not to worry about it, I was just glad to meet another neighbor!   We high fived and finished shoveling away.

Even though my Jeep is worthless in the snow, snow really does bring people together. It’s a powerful thing, you can look and see people helping people, you hear stories as well.  Because of this glorious snow, I got to know two of my neighbors a little better and I hope to continue that! 

So thanks snow!



Angry granny.

About two weeks ago, it was just another normal Friday morning, another normal drive to work, nothing out of the ordinary… Until,  I had the pleasure of witnessing the rudest yet delightful gesture this grandma gave me.  Like I mentioned, everything was normal right up until I saw this tan Buick LeSabre waiting to pull out into the street from West Park Tower. Like normal, she waited right at the wrong time, she proceeded to pull out right in front of me.. Now I know that she was old and barely able to see over the steering wheel, but that didn’t stop me from honking my horn, shaking my fist and speeding past her.  I know it’s mean, but it had to be done.  Driving the rest of the way to my job of employment, I felt this tap on my back bummer, confused I looked in my rear view mirror and what greeted me back was that old lady.. Flipping me off with her old little finger.  All I could do in that moment was laugh. Gut bursting laughter.

However the story doesn’t end there. This last Sunday on my way to hang out with Jesus, I hear someone honk at me, look to my left and right their next to me is that old woman.. Flipping me off.

We are becoming fast friends.