Toilet Paper Drama.

Never did I think going to the bathroom in a public restroom would result in whirl wind of drama, tears and laughter.  Also to remind you, I hate public restrooms.. But they are handy when you gotta release the fluids.  Anyway, I’m in my stall minding my own business when out of nowhere the lady in the next stall loudly proclaimed, “NOT AGAIN!”  I had to cover my mouth to keep myself from laughing out loud, but soon my laughter died down when I heard her banging on the stall wall while mumbling words I had no idea existed.   Figuring this was my time to escape, I quietly moved around so I could leave, however as I did this her Yoda like ears heard me and I was trapped.

Lady: “Oh, is there someone else in here? Hello? I can hear someone. I need help!”

Me: “Umm.. Yes.”

Lady: “Okay. Well my name is Judy.”

Me: (Shakes my head in confusion.) “Okay…”

Judy: “I’m out of toilet paper, could you hand me some?”

Me: “Sure.” Roll out what I think is that right amount, hand it to her under the stall wall

Judy: “Well! This is NOT enough!”

Me: Shaking head in confusion… Rolls out a bit more, logically thinking she can put the two bundles together, making a giant bundle of TP…


At this point I worked my magic by prying open and essentially breaking the TP entrapment in my fury to get Judy some TP. Pulled out the whole thousand foot roll and handed it to her…

Judy: “Well this is to MUCH!”

Loosing brain cells and panicking slightly, I took hold of the top of the stall wall that was shared between us, shook it and shouted back:  “I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME JUDY!!”

I flung my stall door open, leaving Judy and walked out of the bathroom right into another lady.  I looked right at the lady and said: “their is NO pleasing JUDY!”  And walked off.

Many things where going through my head…Will that lady I ran into think I’m insane? Was Judy serious? Was this a prank? Did I not give her enough TP? Did I break the TP holder? Should I tell someone I possibly broke it? Why am I still in this store?

But the one single thing bothered me the most out of this whole experience… I didn’t wash my hands! But I wasn’t about to go back in that bathroom… I just Purelled the junk out of my hands and booked it out of there, for fear of Judy finding me