Ode to laundry.

I’m not really going to be doing any rhyming, just another simple love/hate relationship I have.


We ALL have to do it, it comes to no surprise that if you want clean clothes you gotta do laundry. Unless of course your rich and can afford new clothes everyday. I however am not rich so that is why I am sitting here at my local laundry mat, next to a lady who is all teary eyed while watching Grey’s Anatomy. I still don’t get the big deal about that show…
I love doing laundry for the simple satisfaction of having clean, warm and smelling great clothes! I love making sure that the clothes are separated just right, and the water temperature is right… Made that mistake one to many times. Once I’m done washing and drying is were the hate part of my relationship happens.
For whatever reason I can wash and dry all day long, but once I get home, the putting away part just seems to be to much to handle. Seriously and honestly, I have left my clothes in the basket and just picked out what i needed. Also I miss living at my parents only because they have a washer and dryer… And because I love them, of course. I know that I can go to my parents house to do laundry, I do sometimes but if I didn’t come to the laundry mat I would miss out on seeing this lady cry hard over Grey’s, the guy in the corner talking to the wall (it’s an intense conversation, something to do with Obama and Romney), the lady who when folding her clothes makes sure to look and see if anyone will steal her undies and now just recently a guy… Super hot guy…
Hmm well that will end my ode for now. Until next time folks!