For Karla


I’ve neglected to update for a while, many people..*cough Karla *cough have been wondering and growing with anticipation.  So lady’s and gents here is the happenings of my life thus far.

I love American Pickers, it entertains me yet also ruins me.  I went into an antique store last month that I have never been into, I like to check out any and all stores with all things old.  However upon entering the store I noticed they were very pleased with their old things, somethings I could find at another antique store 2 even 3 times cheaper! Regardless I continued looking around and to my displeasure I found something that I really wanted, it was a chair 50’s mod style that would match PERFECTLY with my living room decor.  So after seeing the insane price, I went up to the older man behind the counter because he looked more important then the younger guy.  I then jokingly started to bargain with him, this was our conversation:

C: “Sir, I noticed on the tag on that chair that it didn’t say firm on it. Is it up for a price negotiation? I’ll take it for $100!” 

M: “No.”
C: “Okay… $150! I went up some, I think that is fair considering it old and all.”
M: “NO. You cannot bargain at an antique store. The dealer prices their things and that is what we sell it for, so stop asking me a different price on that chair. Plus it’s priced right.

C: “Hmm… Okay last offer of $155! Five bucks more!”
M: “You can leave my store right now, and don’t bother coming back in here.”

While this was all going down the younger guy was laughing at the whole exchange and at one point said to the older man that I was just messing around. After he told me to leave, I started walking out and the younger guy came up to me, gave me a high five and said I can come back whenever only because I got the “old man”.  So all in all this case is the first time I’ve ever gotten kicked out of a store, and did it right by getting kicked out of an antique store!  


Saw a girl the other day with a Heights High t-shirt on that said CLASS OF ’13. I told her I went to Heights and that year marks my 10 year reunion.  She replied with: “Gross. Your old.”  Yes, yes indeed.

Placing a watermelon at someone’s front door is an inexpensive way to occupy their minds forever.

Ending on this note, I deal with all kinds of people and after a while some of those people can become real jerks.  On one particular day I wasn’t having the best of days until I met Lincoln.  He was 7, and I only know this because he told me seven times to match his age.  While I was measuring his feet he wanted to know my name, I told him and before I could ask him his name he said: “Hi Cassie, I’m Lincoln! I’m named after one of our presidents the one daddy calls the coolest! So, I think that makes me the coolest!”  I told him he was absolutely right and then showed the family around to different shoes in his size.  While I was helping them, other people needed help and I was being called up to take care of other things at the checkout. I felt bad, every time I had to leave that family to go do something else I apologized to them and every time Lincoln did the following, shake my hand and say “it’s okay”. When I finally became free enough, I helped them find some shoes and some socks.  Now, I want to remind you that this kid is 7… When the family was leaving the parents thanked me and then Lincoln came up to me shakes my hand again and tells me, “Your important no matter what, you helping others is good and stay cool! You can’t be the coolest, because I am!” Told him that I will remember that and he then handed me a fortune that he thought I needed… He is the coolest kid!   

Sometimes kids know what you need to hear..