N. The spoken exchange of thoughts, opinions, and feelings; talk.

Throughout my life I’ve had plenty of conversations, many were intellectual and others just random. But that’s the point, we have conversations that start at one subject and end up at a totally different subject. The other thing about conversations is that if your in a public place it’s a guarantee that other people will hear them. I know from experience that people have heard some my conversations with my friends, and I know on one particular topic of conversation this lady wrote down half of what we said… (That might ruin my chance of running for office some day.)

This time however, I was the one who got to hear an interesting conversation from two guys sitting at the table behind me and they had no idea I was taking down notes. From what I gathered they were opposite on Obama and on Star Trek. I won’t go into detail on the whole of their conversation but I’ll write down the highlights. To help you better understand who is who guy for Obama will be named O. Guy who talked of Abe a lot will be A.

O: “Man, can you believe our president! He reminds me of Lincoln so much.”
A: “Dude you have got to stop comparing those two! They are nothing alike.”
O: “Yeah they are! They were both hugely popular and they both believed in equal rights.”
A: “Abe… Popular? Did you forget that their was a civil war? Simply because the southerners hated Abe’s views on free slaves. And I will give you credit on equality.. However, I think slaves win the argument your starting to go into.”
O: “Typical conservative. Prejudging what you think I’ll talk about next. You must not know me very well…”
A: “Oh shut up, we’ve been friends since second grade. I know you. And yeah I’m a conservative, your a liberal who starts the blame with me. That is why we’ll always argue and end with a beer enjoying our times together. But let’s be honest… Obama blows. Even you said that.”
O: “I didn’t say that! I said he blew like the wind and will forever be in our hearts.”
A: “Good lord! Stop being a crappy poet! Same thing, just different interpretation. I don’t even know why I’m arguing this with the guy who thought Star Trek the motion picture was good.”
O: “Oh dude! Things just hit the roof! It is good! Don’t deny art of intellect movie making!
A: (laughing… A lot) “Oh man! Your ridiculous and a friend. Let’s leave and get a beer.. Your buying because your a horrible poet.”
O: “Yeah, whatever. Wait, when you say “friend” do you mean idiot friend?”
A: “You said it, not me.”
O: “Lame bro. Lame.”

That was just some of their conversation… It got more heated at some points and the language was a bit off at times. But all in all I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Also, please refrain from nasty comments, if you leave some. Opinions are those of an individual, and I would rather not have a debate on here.
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Facial hair in the Oval

After doing a pointless study, I’ve concluded that out of our 44 presidents only 5 of them had beards and 4 had mustaches.  This is a shame, a less then 12% shame.  I think we should bring back the facial hair in politics, I mean it holds so much manliness.  

Our first tend setter was one of my personal favorites Abe:Image

And when he didn’t have a beard, he at least had an interesting hair do:Image

Grant was a man that helped in winning the Civil War for the Union, I think having a beard helped:Imageand he kept it as a president… Image

Then you have Hayes:ImageHe made sure to grow a great big bushy beard.  

Garfield, not to be out done had a thick bushy beard:ImageHe was the last with the beard for a while, only so the next tend could come through which was the mustache. 

Arthur came in with this little number:Image Cleveland just made sure to keep his right and tight:ImageBow tie is a nice touch.  Harrison apparently didn’t want any of that mustache non-sense, so he brought back the beard:ImageAnd let it grow Image 

With the beards forever gone, which is indeed sad. How could we let the mustache go? I mean look how happy Teddy is with his:Image The last president to sport facial hair was Taft:ImageIt’s nifty, but only if he would have known he was going to be the last president, I think he would have went out with a bang!  

Two presidents get an honorable mention.

Polk. Who I think was the originator of the mullet:Image   

Van Buren. Wore amazingly huge mutton chops:Image

So, c’mon men! Be men and grow that facial hair!! At least it would make this up coming election the best one yet, plus our fore-fathers would be proud.